Summary: LA Lash is proud to present our one and only Lash Classes, teaching you the newest and modern lash techniques that give you the key to success too become the next Big Lash Artist!
Classes are available by request and are a full day one on one experience with our Senior Lash Trainer.


What it includes: “Your plan includes a lunch on us and your own lash start up kit with some of the top brands in the business. We hand pick your kit with our favorite products from around the country to allow you as an artist to try and develop your own liking and technique. Along with these benefits you will be provided with a lash manual to take home with you to incorporate and look back on in your lash journey. At the end of your class you will be provided with a lash certificate acknowledging that you are officially lash certified!





Getting Started : We provide early classes and evening classes booking up to six available beds per student, we believe in a intimate setting to get the best hands on experience possible.
You will spend the beginning of the class learning and discussing the basics of the business and technique of lashing, other half of the class will be hands on with
provided models with an overseer from trainers. Please contact us via email or telephone for more questions we can’t wait to have you!